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Bride To Be Packages
Bride To Be Total Body Makeover $995 (Retail value of $1500)
Do you know anyone who is engaged to be married?
If you do, tell them about this latest offer from Fitness Plus. It can be a great shower present from a group of friends as well.
The Fitness Plus Bride To Be Total Body Makeover Package is now available. It's a perfect combination of products and services to prepare a bride to be for her big day.
The package includes:
Three (3) Month Full Facility Membership
Three (3) Month Weight Loss Program
Three (3) Months Supply Truestar Vitamins
Three (3) Months Supply Weight Loss Supplements
Three (3) Months Unlimited Tanning OR
Three (3) Packages from FP Beauty Spa
(1- Manicure & Pedicure, 2 – Wax Packages, 3 – Spa Essential for Women) 
(Items are also available separately)

About the Weight Loss Program :


You will first go through a physical assessment. You will then receive an initial one on one training course on Why, What and How weight gain happens and how to use this knowledge to lose weight. You will then be assigned to a Fitness Plus Weight Loss Coach who will motivate you to participate in existing club activities, stick with the weight loss program and complete your weekly exercise prescription.  Your coach will also make sure you are instructed on how to take your included Truestar weight loss products properly, how to reduce your caloric intake and will meet with you once per week throughout the program to review your progress.


The Truestar product included will keep you healthy and help you lose weight. You will receive three months supply of the award winning Truestar TrueBasics Vitamins, one container of TrueDetox for the first month, one container of TrueLean for the second month and one container of TrueStrength for the third month.


These products and services are specifically designed to keep you healthy while losing weight and seeing beautiful to yourself, and sell for $1500 when purchased separately.


If you follow our program, you will lose weight, improve your health, get the vitamins you need, receive weight loss and exercise coaching and learn what you need to do to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.


Be the best you can be for your Wedding Day and beyond!


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