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Nutritional Analysis
Professional Series Vitamins
Have more energy, a healthy metabolism and radiant skin
with The Truestar Professional Series of Vitamins and Supplements
Taking the right vitamins and supplements each day is eessential for your vitality, immunity and wellness. We have created the most comprehensive and accurate supplement program available online.
img We offer you professional strength, clinically potent and effective products at therapeutic doses.
img Our vitamin plans are designed for weight loss, healthy skin, stress support,
healthy immunity, energy and more…
img We have revolutionized the use of vitamins by creating vitamin plans—doctor devised groups of vitamins recommended to synergistically ensure maximum results and healing effect for over 500 medical conditions.
img Convenient wellness packs allow for simple daily dosing for men and women ages 4 and up.
img Create the best supplement plan for you with our extensive vitamin profile—and then read a clear explanation of your profile results to learn more about the products you are taking
img We formulate all of our products and recommendations based upon the most up-to-date news and research
img We provide a reliable reference source where you can check any vitamin–drug interaction to ensure your safety.
Nothing is more valuable than your health. Learn to distinguish the good products from the bad and select only the best supplements for you and your family.

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The Truestar Philosophy of
Vitamins and Supplements
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