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Fatema Khatau

Fatema Khatau came to Fitness Plus on September 2nd 2015. She was looking for an all woman’s gym with a pool that could provide a comfortable environment where she could accomplish her goal of learning how to swim. See what she had to say in the video above

Grace Harrylal

Grace Harrylal joined Fitness Plus on July 21st 2015 and her bubbly personality is an amazing addition to our gym! Grace says she has loved every minute of getting in shape and spending time with our amazing members and staff. In the video above she will tell you in detail a few reasons why she decided to join and what keeps her coming back.

Aaisha McPherson

I’ve been doing my placement here for the past 2 ½ months and I really enjoy the unity and the staff’s ability to meet the needs of their members, as well as the variety in their services. I want my career to involve fitness as well as rehabilitation/therapy - so this was the perfect choice. Fitness Plus to me means place where members and staff can feel at home. It is all about being a family and having strong, consistent team work.

Laurie Robertson

I’ve been coming to Fitness Plus for 4 years, and I chose Fitness Plus because I have an ongoing battle with weight loss. I decided to join to look and feel better and since coming here I have lost and gained weight, but being here has encouraged me to become more physically active. What Fitness Plus means to me is a convenient located club to come work-out. The staff and instructors make the club; they make it a comfortable and social environment. In comparison to other gyms, it’s not focused on just working out, Fitness Plus focuses on us just coming out and trying your best, its fun.

Tina Bergie

I have been coming here for 3 years and the main reason I chose and thoroughly enjoyed about Fitness Plus is the therapeutic whirlpool and pool. In addition, it’s close to home and I liked how it is a ‘women’s only’ facility. Moreover, it has physiotherapy and massage available. Fitness Plus is a convenient women’s only gym that ensures minimal privacy issues, and has easy parking.

Janice LaFramboise

I have been at Fitness Plus for 6 years and I have chosen Fitness Plus because having a fitness regime is very important. What I enjoy about Fitness Plus is the friendly staffs, which always has a smiling face whenever I come in. Fitness Plus is an important part of my routine. Now that I’m retired, I look forward to coming here. I rely on it, I need it, and I crave it. When you’re always active, you crave to keep being active.

Linda Weytze

I have been a member since Jan 2nd 2008, and decided to become a member because it is a women’s only gym that was convenient and close to home. In my past 7 years being here, I have come to enjoy the intimacy of the small classes and the feeling of being home. Being at Fitness Plus has given me purpose and friendships which I am truly grateful for.

Dominique Reyes

I have been a co-op student at Fitness Plus for the past 4 months and have chosen this facility because it provided both gym and clinic experience, which I wanted to expose myself to. What I enjoyed the most about this placement was the variety of services that the clinic has to offer and the exposure I received from those services to broaden my options of future careers. In addition, the staff made the whole experience much more fun! They are charismatic, well-experienced and always willing to help. What Fitness Plus means to me is an extended family, where it is more than just a gym and a clinic, it’s a place where you feel comfortable and at home.

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