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Weight Loss Program
What is the Weight Loss Program?
How would you like to lose 12 pounds in four weeks?
Our weight loss program has helped many women lose more than 12 pounds in four weeks
but it does depend on the effort you put in and how much weight you would like to lose.
Here's how it works!
You will first go through a physical assessment. You will then receive an initial one on one training course on Why, What and How weight gain happens and how you will use this knowledge to lose weight.
Each week you will meet with a personal trainer for a 30-min one-on-one training session. Your trainer will also motivate you to participate in existing club activities, stick with the weight loss program and complete your exercises.
You will also meet with a nutritionist each week to ensure you are instructed on how to take your included Truestar weight loss products properly, how to reduce your caloric intake and will meet with you once per week throughout the program to review your progress.
The cost to enter the program is only $295 for members. This includes the physical assessment, training course, ongoing support, weekly weigh-ins with weight loss and exercise coaching. Your fee also includes a month’s supply of award winning Truestar True Basics Vitamins, True Detox (or True Lean).
(Truestar Product Value of almost $150).

If you follow our program: you will lose weight, improve your health, get the vitamins you need, and receive weight loss and exercise coaching to continue through the rest of your life knowing what you need to do to maintain a healthy weight.

This Program is especially right for you if who are joining Fitness Plus with weight loss in mind and have previously tried other methods that either didn’t work or only worked for a short time with the weight all coming back after you finished the program. This program is effective and affordable.

*Ask about our Bride-To-Be Total Body Makeover

Weight Loss
Meet with nutritionist to focus on your diet to lose weight and keep it off. Your nutritionist will create a diet and a weight loss plan to help you reach you goals.
You are instructed on how to reduce your caloric intake and how to maintain healthier eating habits for long-term effects.
The nutritionist will meet with you frequently throughout the program to review your progress.
Cost per session:   
(1-4 sessions)
(5-9 sessions)
(10 -19 sessions)
(20 or more Sessions)

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